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When I try and explain what I do for work it comes outĀ all wrong.

Hi, my name is Annaliese!
I run tests on blood, urine, and… other things I won’t mention… things you wouldn’t want to talk about at the dinner table.” šŸ˜
It makes my job soundĀ undesirableĀ and gives the person who asked the urge to use handĀ sanitizer!
I don’t know why I feel the need to simplify and dumb down my explanation! šŸ“ˆā˜£ļøā™„ļøšŸ”¬šŸ’‰
A better answer would be…
I run diagnostic testing on body fluids to help your doctor gather clues in order to diagnose, and treat you!
That’s better! I am a scientist.
AĀ detectiveĀ with mad science skills!

Because of what I’ve learned as a Medical Technologist…

I can run tests that reveal your blood type, your sugar levels, your heart health and more!
I can look in a microscope at your blood cells and evaluate if you have enough iron in your body, if you have leukemia,Ā  if you are sick with a bacterial or viral infection!
There is so much we can discover by taking a closer look at what our body is telling us through lab tests.

I want to share what I know with you!Ā 

This is exciting stuff. Stuff you wish they taught you in school.
This is the good stuff.Ā #WHATIWISHYOUKNEW
I want to shareĀ storiesĀ that opened my eyes and changed me forever.
A little while ago I started a research project…
I wanted to hear those things that other people know from living their expertise.
Things I wouldn’t know unless I walked in their shoes and down their path.
I got a handful of answers back.
But NOT as many as I wanted. I wanted to createĀ a bankĀ of these gold nuggets!
I wanted toĀ pool informationĀ in a way that others could reach in and pull out things that wouldĀ change their life!

I want to hear from you too!

Share with me the things that would change my life if I knew them.

I am so excited to learn from you! No one could ever knowĀ what you know,Ā unless… they have walked in your shoes.
Thank you for stopping by! I just love meeting new people.
SO gladĀ you are here. Come again!
Before you leave, pleaseĀ click belowĀ and tell me about yourself!