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If you knew that your blood looked like this…. would you change your diet?

When you go to get your blood drawn the phlebotomist brings the tubes back to a centrifuge (merry-go-round for blood) and spins it at 3,000 RPMs… dizzy just thinking about it!

The red blood cells migrate down to the bottom of the tube and the liquid (serum) that they float in rises to the top!

The serum tells a lot about your health!

Normal serum is a light yellow and clear– like olive oil!

But… if a patient has HIGH LIPIDS [Triglycerides or Cholesterol]… it will look like the tube on the right… cloudy… and white!!


My uncle went to the doctor and they told him that his Triglycerides were above 200 and that he was at risk for the hardening of arteries and his heart health.

He is unlike SO many people that hear the same thing from their doctor… He decided to change it with DIET and EXERCISE!!

For a year he ate healthful foods and exercised regularly. I am so proud to tell you that he brought his Triglycerides down to a healthy level NATURALLY!!!!

So proud of him!


You can do this too! CLICK HERE to see what the Mayo Clinic says about what you can do naturally!

LIPID PANEL Testing Includes:

Triglycerides–you want them less than 200 mg/dL the serum on the right has a triglyceride level of ~4,000!!!!!!! (change with diet & exercise)

HDL– these are the GOOD lipids. Greater than 60 mg/dL is desired. Increase this number by eating: chia seeds, avocado, flax seed, and olive oil.

HDL transports cholesterol from your tissues to the Liver to be broken down 💢

Cholesterol— has no role as an energy source. It is in the make up of cell membranes 😀 So you need it… but too much is not good for you.

LDL— these are “BAD” 😈lipids. They carry cholesterol from liver to tissues. Less than 130 mg/dL is desired. Lower this number by eating high fiber fruits and veggies, and fatty fish.